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Teaching & Learning


Raising the bar and expecting more is hard work, particularly for students and teachers. Academics are at the core of Gulf Shores City Schools, with a goal of having each student achieve his or her full academic potential by the time they graduate. New standards mean new ways of teaching and learning, and ultimately harder tests. To help our families achieve a greater understanding of what these new standards mean, Gulf Shores City Schools provides fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and links to information about Alabama's College and Career Ready Standards.


We Encourage Our Students To:

  • Dream big
  • Learn with intent
  • Realize their own potential
  • Enhance the lives of others
  • Be inclusive, inventive and curious

We Do That Through:

  • Continually transforming the way we teach and learn
  • Exploring new ideas and approaches to learning
  • Being rigorous with assessment and learning outcomes
  • Being inventive in the way we teach
  • Offering individualized learning paths
  • Integrating technology in all that we do
  • Fostering and celebrating diversity

Gulf Shores Elementary School

Teal Mono

Our elementary school instructional program is guided by the belief that good schools nurture a child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.  In our classroom practice, we engage children in learning experiences that are relevant, purposeful, and challenging. We strive to have children master content knowledge and skills in a learning environment that respects children's developmental needs, interests, learning styles and differences.  Recognizing that learning is constantly evolving, we scaffold instruction and assist students in making connections with prior learning.  With a strong foundation of learning in place, students are challenged to form new understandings and to create new meaning.

Academic Links

NBC Teachers

Gulf Shores City Schools are proud of their teachers and how they continue learning as they teach! Click here to view the  Present and Future National Board Certified Teachers.