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Our School


Why Gulf Shores Elementary?

Gulf Shores Elementary School is a community whose members are always learning, growing and leaders of their own learning.  We set high standards for ourselves and challenge each other to achieve our best. We believe in working hard at everything we do, sharing our knowledge and skills for our own and the community’s good. We are a caring community where everyone is treated with fairness, kindness, and respect.  Each member of our community is valued for his or her own unique abilities, efforts, and contributions. We recognize that learning involves struggle and taking risks, and we support and encourage each other’s progress. We envision Gulf Shores Elementary School as a community that produces joyful, independent and life-long learners; and adaptable, productive compassionate human beings.

At GSES we are focused on raising more than hands. What we provide more than anything else is an environment where each child is known, understood, and loved as both a student and as an intellect. Here, teachers focus on how to uplift each student so that they can become more confident and curious learners.

Gulf Shores Elementary School is guided by the belief that a good school nurtures a child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. We engage children in learning experiences that are relevant, purposeful, challenging, and hands on. We respect children's developmental needs, interests, learning styles and differences as they strive to master content knowledge and skills. With a strong foundation of learning in place, students are challenged to form new understandings and to create new meaning. Individualized yet highly structured instruction in reading and writing workshops; a focus on understanding, problem solving, and computational fluency in mathematics; proactive early screening, and enrichment and intervention programs.

Our Purpose

Gulf Shores Elementary School community has high expectations for academic excellence for all of its students. Teachers/staff, parents, and students will work together to foster an environment in which students are excited about learning and working at the peak of their abilities. We believe that learning is a lifelong process, and one to which teachers/staff, parents, and students must be fully committed. We will challenge and inspire our children to become creative and critical thinkers. We will motivate our students to be problem solvers, who can work both independently and collaboratively. As a community rich in diversity, we take pride in and celebrate our uniqueness. We expect students to take responsibility for their actions, respect one another, and make ethical choices.

  1. We commit to creating a school environment in which children are encouraged to persist and to work hard and where they are comfortable taking the risks necessary to learning.
  2. We commit to making whatever accommodations and modifications are necessary in order to assist students to reach their academic and social potential. We feel a particular responsibility to illuminate the strengths we see in each child and to build upon those strengths.
  3. We commit to providing a strong system of communication that will connect our district, school, classroom and home communities. Good communication implies good listening in which we try hard to understand and empathize with the perspectives and experiences of others.
  4. We commit to demonstrating to our students, that we too, are on a journey of learning that extends beyond formal education, and that we share with them the triumphs, joys and difficulties such a journey entails.